Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa

Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa Launched in KSA

As we all know that now the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is all set to go with the 21st century norms , to bring in their nation a lot of positive growth and development so as to establish a vibrant society , also to have a prosperous economy and build an ambitious nation. Saudi Arabia has been working hard in achieve almost all their visions of 2030.Till now they have been successful in identifying their goals and achieving the objectives laid.

Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa

These measures are in accordance with boosting the nation’s overall economy along with providing a prosperous and well defined environment to the people of the society and the residents of the whole country. And here is another step they have taken to bring in the difference


Since it is evident that Saudi Arabia has been passing the best resolutions in accordance to its external and internal policies of the nation, now its diverting its ways to make the country more popular and attractive to the foreigners by allowing them to visit the most historical places and other related cities of the country .

Still the news has not been made official but if we believe the sources, then there is a full chance that Saudi Arabia is very closer in making a decision to open the tourist visa for the whole world. Saudi Arabia will be issuing this tourist visa in addition to the visas that have been issued since long back like

  • Hajj visa, Umrah Visa
  • Business , Commercial and Work related Visa
  • Family Visa

Now the people who wish to travel and are adventurous, the issue of the Tourist visa will definitely be an advantage to them and attract them. A spokesperson for the Saudi  Commission for Tourism and Heritage that there still some ongoing discussions and no final decision has been taken regarding the issue of tourist visa in Saudi Arabia in September.

If unofficial circulated news are to be believed then the Saudi authorities may issue the tourist visa in September through online mode and the expected date on which the Saudi Tourist Visa will be issued is mostly the  27TH September 2019.

Now the question is for how many countries will the tourist visa be available and what would be the expected cost of this Tourist Visa of Saudi Arabia ?

Since the news are officially unconfirmed , we can still believe the information which is circulated in the surroundings that the issue of a Saudi tourist visa will cost around 440 SR (Saudi Riyal ) and however its $117 in total.

Inclusive of a mandatory health insurance fee for Visitors , Visas will be made available for the residents of 51 countries  for $118 i.e. 440 SR (Saudi Riyal) approximately. As a newspaper reported , the tourists  can avail the 90 day visa online or upon their arrival.

Now if we believe the sources and news , the Tourist Visa which is possible going to open up  for the people of 51 nations which is quite a large number of people and sounds too exciting for many of us will be available by the end of September 2019 .

Wondering why did it take so long for the Saudi Authorities to open up the Tourist Visa ?

A very crucial reason that has been keeping Saudi Arabia away from issuing this type of visa could be the possibility of a prevailing tension between the opening up and the maintenance of the conservative traditions and its culture.

Since crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman undertook a  plan to overhaul the economy to decrease its dependency on oil, Saudi Arabia has starting  slowly loosening the social restrictions and as a result now you can see Concerts, Dance shows, Film screens have attracted thousands of people last year.

You may also be amazed to know that the Kingdom is working hard in building tourism projects , and the issuing of the Tourist Visa  in the Kingdom of  Saudi Arabia is one of its initiative in this direction. The Kingdom now want win the race with the developing nations of the 21st centuries by transforming itself into cultural , sports and entertainment city and also a luxury destination .

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