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Traffic Laws

New Speed Limits in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)

The General Directorate of Traffic and Road Security in collaboration with the Ministry of Interior , Saudi Arabia now replaces the old speed limit sign board with new ones. The Ministry of Transport has also commenced introducing some new changes towards the signboards which are located throughout the Saudi Arabian Highways.

From January 2019 to October 2019 , there have been 1,864 deaths due to road accidents, hence this move will help in the reduction of cases of road accident and injuries.

No FINAL EXIT VISA If any Pending Traffic Fines-RiyadhXpress.xom


This will be done by installing signs on the roads where speed limits have been changed and drivers will also be warned not to exceed that speed limits.

The new speed limits will be 140 kph for cars or small automobiles  , 100 kph for buses and 80 kph for trucks.

The ministry aim at reducing the deaths every year due to road accidents . They also warned the drivers to be careful during changing weather conditions to avoid any kind of accidents.

Apart from this, Saudi Arabia will also introduce some major instructions for setting up the new speed limits as per the instruction provided by the Road Safety Authority.

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