Check Iqama Expiry Date & Iqama Validity

Iqama is an important document to be kept carefully while living in Saudi Arabia. Its important to check Iqama Expiry Date and keep in mind when to Renew Iqama based on its validity.

Better to keep a reminder before it gets expired and can be renewed at the same time.

Iqama Expiry Check can be done in few ways to check Iqama Expiry Date from your Iqama number to check sit validity.

Here are the steps on How and where to Check Iqama Expiry Date or Iqama Validity:

Check Iqama Expiry Date Online on Ministry of Interior (MOI) Website.

  • Open the Official website of Ministry of Interior (
  • On the right Top corner of the webpage, select language as ‘English’, so that website content is translated in English
  • Select “Electronic Inquiries” from the top menu and then click on Passports in the sub-menu
  • Then Select “Query Iqama Expiry Service”
  • Enter your 10-digit Iqama (Residence Permit number) and Captcha code shown
  • Press the “View” Button as shown in the image below

Once you have done all the above steps. You’ll be able to view Iqama Expiy Date and Iqama Validity as shown below:


Second Method to Check Iqama Expiry Date or Iqama Validity is via Absher Account

You need to Register with Absher account. Once you have the Absher account, please login to Absher account.

  • Open the Official website of Ministry of Interior (
  • Select Language as English
  • Login with your Username and Password
  • Once logged in, you’ll receive OPT, Enter the OTP and Login.
  • Go To E-Services >> Passports >> Personal Information

Here you’ll be able to see your Iqama information such as

Issue Date:
Residence Expiry Date:
Issue place:

You’ll get all other details on this page such as Date of Birth, Professions, Nationality, Religion, Sponsor Name and ID and etc.

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